Handcrafted -- Behind The Pieces

Handcrafted -- Behind The Pieces

Starting Small

The first piece created was a bracelet made from cutting a fallen branch gathered from my front yard. Each bead was created using a backsaw, a Dremel drill, and a sanding pad.

A period of consistent experimentation and research into wood working and jewlery making allowed me to improve processes, techniques, and tools used. One of my favorites being the Japanese Razor Saw.

Japanese Razor Saws

Japanese razor saws are a beautiful thing! I use these in my studio to cut stock and trim pieces before shaping. It produces the smoothest cut I have ever seen. Almost as if it already went through a round of sanding. Like I said it's a beautiful thing!

These allow me to get creative by making it easier to cut patterns into wood and to cut thin strips needed for layering.

My Lil Studio

All of these pieces are created by hand in my wood working studio. A studio that has continued and will continue to evolve over time.

As the studio grows I will keep introducing new tools and techniques that allow me to experiment and create interesting pieces. My research includes not only wood working and jewelry making but also symbolism, geometric dissection, and natural geometry.