Beautiful Beginnings

A little story about how I got here

I felt a change in the wind

This happened once previously in the summer before college but this was much different. Different because I didn't know what it meant or where it would take me. There was a void present and I felt the weight of it wholeheartedly. I contemplated moving out of the Cleveland area but I love this town, I love my job, and is leaving really fixing anything? It was time to get out of the apartment I had been living in for 8 years and into a space I could call my own. A space for self improvement and understanding. I searched and searched and finally found a little cottage all to myself. One I could grow in.

From bed frames to bracelets

During the move I found myself needing a new bed frame and I wanted to build it myself. I felt a connection immediately with the wood. I am part Cherokee Indian but I never thought I would feel a connection so strongly. Strong enough that I would often carry my favorite piece at the time in my pocket. That little piece helped me feel connected. Like I was onto something. My love for wood working grew and grew. I stripped down and redid my childhood dresser, tried whittling, and even wood carving. This inspired me to start gathering fallen branches from my front yard and piling them on the front porch.

A couple weeks later I took another look at the fallen branches and thought "Why not make a bracelet?". A thought that came in like nothing but was worth everything. After making the bracelet I now knew where I fit in the wood working world and wanted to learn absolutely everything about it. I was a sponge and loving how much I was learning and experimenting. I felt like I could create purpose in my pieces. Create a connection for people going through times of displacement and depression, instill positivity, motivation, and even protection where people need it. If I could play even the smallest part in saving someone from the darker times that creep into our lives it would be worth it. These are not just pieces of wood, stone, metal and leather. They are made one by one by hand and carry love, positivity, and connection in each.